About Us


Who we are

Master Global Tech Pty Ltd is an organisation with years of involvement in the software and digital services industry. We’re a diverse group of people who believe that with the right approach and people, we can create a platform that truly makes a difference for the average Australian!

Our vision driving our work, including Sell it Quick, are to help both consumers and businesses across Australia. We believe in a sustainable economy, where products are circulated between the community as opposed to ending up in a landfill; as well as a centralised place where businesses can advertise their services.

Our goal is to develop a platform that meets and exceeds these expectations, without compromising on the quality of the service we provide.


What we do

Sell it Quick is an online classifieds marketplace created to optimise the time it takes to sell your old stuff. So you can worry more about turning a profit rather than micromanaging your ad!

At Sell it Quick, we have three goals that guide us in offering our platform:

  1. We want you to make as much money with your spare belongings as possible
  2. Give back to our community
  3. Provide a safe space for all to transact

Unlike other alternatives, Sell it Quick also advertises listings across various social channels including Facebook and Instagram - increasing reach and awareness of your ads to millions of people. As well as leveraging targeted search powered by AI, allowing users to find relevant products as quickly possible. Our UI has also been optimised with simplicity and efficiency in mind - getting you to what you’re looking for as fast as possible.

All of us have valuable things lying around the house. Maybe it’s the unwanted sweater you got for Christmas, an old phone or an unused appliance. Instead of letting them collect dust, put them up on Sell it Quick and make an extra buck!