Sell it Quick is a large platform with a plethora of features, so we’ve made things easier for you and prepared a brief walk-through that’ll take you from creating an account to posting your first ad!


How do I create an ad?

  1. Create an account

Using the Sign-Up button on our home page, users may create an account using an email and password.

  1. Verify your account

You will then receive a verification email sent to the email address provided during sign up. Once verified, your account will then be able to post ads, message other users and use our platform. If you do not receive your verification email in a few minutes, please check your spam/junk folder.

  1. Post your ad

With an account, you can submit your ad via the visible ‘Post your Ad’ function throughout the website. Input the relevant characteristics to your goods or services, as well as the location and category. Upload relevant photos of your goods or service, ensuring you take clear photos as this will increase the chance of selling your items. Images need to be below 4mb in size in order to be able to be uploaded to Sell it Quick.

  1. Wait for a message

Once your ad is live, all you need to do is wait for other users to message you and then facilitate an arrangement through the user chat function on the website.


How to manage my ad?

All your live, expired and sold ads can also be accessed in your profile page under the “Manage Ads” tab. You can also see how many people viewed your ad within this space and your ads directly.

You can edit your ad at any time by visiting the ‘My Ads’ tab in your profile page. We’ve also built a feature that allows you to pause your ad if life gets too busy and you’re unable to tend to it.

Ads can also be shared with others via the social media links visible on all ad pages.


How to renew an expired ad?

If an ad has expired and hasn’t been sold within the listing period - you can renew it directly from your ‘Expired Ads’ tab in your profile page. This will save you time re-entering the details of your ad, and allow to simply renew it through the click of a button.


What happens when my Item is sold?

Once you’ve successfully sold your good or service through Sell it Quick, mark your ad as sold, otherwise, you may still be contactable by other users regarding your ad.


Messaging Other Users

You must have an account before messaging other users. To enquire about an ad, organise an exchange or contact another user - you can use the messaging function located within all ad pages. You can also access your messages through the ‘Messages’ tab in your profile page.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for messaging guidelines for interacting with other users.


Organising Exchanges

Sell it Quick is a marketplace that facilitates in-person exchanges of goods or services. We do not allow payments through our website, nor are involved with the exchange process. Refer to our terms and conditions as well as our posting policy for messaging guidelines and safety tips.