How do I increase my chances of my ad being sold?

  1. Perfect your photos

    Besides taking your photos in good lighting and without distracting objects, ensure your first photo is the best photo you have as that’ll be the first impression a buyer will see.

  2. Respond to enquiries

    Using the messaging feature on Sell it Quick, you can quickly send a response to someone potentially interested in your ad. It’s important to keep up with this as you could potentially lose a sale as your buyer might find an alternative!

  3. Include details and condition information

    Buyers will be more likely to purchase from you if your ad’s are filled with relevant information as well as an accurate representation of the condition of the item.


How do I search for ads?

While you don’t require an account to search for ads on our website - you do need an account to message other users to arrange an exchange. Enter your query within the search box on any of our pages, and it will return relevant results.

How do I narrow down ads to what I’m looking for?

Part of what makes Sell it Quick so efficient in terms of selling your is our search engine. Ads can be filtered by keyword, related keywords, location and distance; allowing you to narrow their search results down to ads that are relevant and specific to you.


How do I setup notifications for new ads im interested in?

You also have the option of enabling email notifications for when a new ad is added to a category you're interested in monitoring. You can access these settings and select any category or subcategory to monitor within your Profile settings.

How do I stop ad notifications being sent to my email address?

To disable email notifications, you can simply de-select whatever categories you have picked to monitor in your email settings within your Profile.

The Watchlist

How do I save an ad to view later?

Once you've created an account, you can save ads for later by clicking the alt_text icon on any listing. This will allow you to return to any saved ad at any time until you remove it from your watchlist. You will then be able to receive an email notifying you of any changes within your saved listings.

Homepage Feature

How do I become featured as a Local Business Owner under our "We Support our Local Businesses" homepage list?

Have a representative from your organisation contact us through our website and provide us with the following:

  • 100px png of your business logo
  • Organisational contact details

Once we have verified the details sent to us, we will contact you and your feature will appear on our homepage.

Help, there’s a problem!

If you can’t find your answer on our support pages, you can contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.